Bayesian Data Analysis
Fall 2018

PHY/CSI/INF 451/551
Class Nos:5616, 5617, 5621, 5622, 6102, 6207
Lecture: TTh 1:15PM - 2:35PM, PH 225

Prof. Kevin H. Knuth
Physics Department
University at Albany
Albany NY USA



"Bayesian Data Analysis: Introductory Lecture" (pps 18M)

"Problem Solving Strategies: Sampling and Heuristics" presented at the NASA DMASES Workshop in 2007. (pps 11M)

Foundations of Inference (pdf 1.5M)


Moments of a Gaussian
Measuring Lengths (Least-Squares)
Resistance of a Voltmeter (Exponential Models)
Acceleration of Gravity
2D Problems and Covariance