Bayesian Data Analysis
Fall 2018

PHY/CSI/INF 451/551
Class Nos:5616, 5617, 5621, 5622, 6102, 6207
Lecture: TTh 1:15PM - 2:35PM, PH 225

Prof. Kevin H. Knuth
Physics Department
University at Albany
Albany NY USA

Project Suggestions

This document PROJECT SUGGESTIONS provides a list of project suggestions as well as a list of past projects and alternate HW assignments for undergraduates.

Poster Examples

Here are three sample posters to give you some idea of how you might arrange them. All are in powerpoint format, although one is in TIF (graphic) formats.

Knuth K.H, Huyser K.A., Hajian A.R., 2004. Three-Dimensional Modeling of Planetary Nebulae (NASA DDF Workshop 2004) [ppt format] [TIF format]

Knuth K.H, Tse M.K., Choinsky J. Maunu H.A., Carbon D.F. 2007. Bayesian Source Separation Applied to Identifying Complex Organic Molecules in Space (SSP 2007 Workshop) [ppt format]

Malakar N.K., Mesiti A.J., Knuth K.H. 2009. Estimating the Spatial Sensitivity Function of A Light Sensor. (MaxEnt? 2009) [ppt format]